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Information The Man Who Cuddles Lions | BEAST BUDDIES

Title :  The Man Who Cuddles Lions | BEAST BUDDIES
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Comments The Man Who Cuddles Lions | BEAST BUDDIES

NighT GamAR
Me : cute

Tigers: wanna get bitte ?

Comment from : NighT GamAR

I. Bendigas
The two babies playing with their "daddy" at the end of the clip - cuuute!
Comment from : I. Bendigas

I just watched the movie Pi and man I feel for tigers now
Comment from : Xain

ola kede
This man took ''Living dangerously'' to a whole new level
Comment from : ola kede

2:08 that age pretty badly at this moment.
Comment from : Glint

Ares The Prime ツ
Awwwwww this is VERY CUTE OWO UWU
Comment from : Ares The Prime ツ

Ethan Dur
Even though a tiger is much bigger than a male lion, I don't know why but I am more terrified of male lions. xD
Comment from : Ethan Dur

Skrally Vally
Maybe they should be in the wild , maybe it’s ok for them to be in captivity. But one thing I know is that those kitties look pretty damn happy
Comment from : Skrally Vally

Tughral Raja
Where is the wild ?? Rightly said !
Comment from : Tughral Raja

Amrth P R
Earth have answers to your question
Comment from : Amrth P R

Karima Chibani
Wat 🦁🐯😱😰👍👍👏👏
Comment from : Karima Chibani

Yadira Sessions
Until one day, just wait.
Comment from : Yadira Sessions

Jyotiprakash Mishra
is he still alive?
Comment from : Jyotiprakash Mishra

people hunt them I hope they don't go extinct.

Comment from : PrisAndDark

Stone 85X
Them cats are snackin’

Carol Baskin

Comment from : Stone 85X

Its cruel to keep cats in ps in a confined area where 1000s of people stare at them daily. This guy loves his cats and takes solid care of them. I got no problem with that.
Comment from : helixxer123

Laura Vandzura
That girl should be getting paid for doing that work!
Comment from : Laura Vandzura

Nathan Barraclough
Who's here after watching Tiger King?
Comment from : Nathan Barraclough

Everyone's joking about this, but it's not OK! These are wild animals, you should not own these animals privately! Report this video! Prove me wrong! I hope he gets eaten.
Comment from : B-Par

Bacon AntiBiotic
if they didnt keep me from doing harm i would supposedly shoot the dislikers with a tiger tank.
Comment from : Bacon AntiBiotic

I would not own a big cat unless I had a TASER !!
Comment from : HYDRA DYNAMIC

Jose Ramos
I wanna be a tiger king😭
Comment from : Jose Ramos

There are more than 7 MILLION people😂
Comment from : DeMeestOnderschatte

Rap & Trap Nation
Joe exotic : thats cute
Comment from : Rap & Trap Nation

ErikBloodaxe Gizmoson
what can go wrong will go wrong. He is going to get eaten sooner or later. This is wild dangerous animals and are not pets. They should be free in the wild where they belong.
Comment from : ErikBloodaxe Gizmoson

Comment from : TOM PREE

Adityan Shanker
@1:00 Look at the size of that thing
Comment from : Adityan Shanker

Spada Brillante
Where is the wild these days - exactly.
Poachers were everywhere.
What he does is basically animal conservation and preservation. It is preservation and conservation as long as the proper nutrition and treatment are provided.

Comment from : Spada Brillante

Yelena Blanka
The two dogs and cat @ 1:07 are like “ can we get some too?!! but cooked!” Lol
Comment from : Yelena Blanka

Norman Schlongdongovic
I wonder how many deep scratches and wounds he have in his entire body..I owns 2 bengal,one siamese and one tabby cats already have so many scratches
Comment from : Norman Schlongdongovic

at 0.21 a wise man said "DEATH WOULD BE THE WORST OUTCOME"
Comment from : CHILL OUT

Lonne Studio
Of all the animals in the wild the tiger is the apex.
Comment from : Lonne Studio

Ouss Jaouhard
Is it legal to keep lions and tigers at home in Florida?
Comment from : Ouss Jaouhard

0:55 that Tiger looks tough even for a Tiger
Comment from : peepeepoopoo

Romario’s Time
He should get a cheetah
Comment from : Romario’s Time

Jesse Deniz
Why dickheads choose to keep these animals as pets I will never understand
Comment from : Jesse Deniz

Oasis For The Soul
tigers lions belong in the wild
Comment from : Oasis For The Soul

Josh Dea
That is not enough space for them, period. This guy does this for himself, don't be fooled.
Comment from : Josh Dea

Rusty Carlos Valdez
Exaxtly does dumb humans who think that keeping them in captivity is horrible then ypur just being so idiotic and selfless because your acts alone being human is destroying their lives in the wild with all our normal activities to them its not normal.
Comment from : Rusty Carlos Valdez

حماده حمو
هههههههه ده جنان رسمي
Comment from : حماده حمو

Alexa Bella Muerte
Ok but what happens when you're 80 years old, who takes care of them?
Comment from : Alexa Bella Muerte

J Nianh
To people who say big cats only belong in the wild: would you rather have them live with someone who loves them with all of his heart or be poached by someone for their fur?
Comment from : J Nianh

Danny piano
this man must be darn rich, tigers eat lots of foods,
Comment from : Danny piano

gagan hk
You know what is really rough?
My great dane stomping my toe.

Comment from : gagan hk

Comment from : WORLD TOUR

She’s “never been nervous” as she throws the food through a little hole in the cage.
Comment from : 1bluensx

Jv Randy
Ye we need to stop destroying there wild they want to live in the wild and we will go extincted
Comment from : Jv Randy

G A Kirmani
Lucky man to have lovely beasts.
Comment from : G A Kirmani

G A Kirmani
These are beautiful beasts, don't rely on their honesty.
Comment from : G A Kirmani

Nourfilm. Com
I hope your tigers eat you and play with your body :) I really really do —- all these idiots wanna make them selves feel special am always curious were they get the money ...
Comment from : Nourfilm. Com

Karan Verma
Jiska dost khud "Sher" Hi ho uska koi kya kar lega usko kisi se dar nahi faad denge sher. 😏🔥🔥💪💪🙏.
Comment from : Karan Verma

Sir Taylor
Florida man breaks lions jaw, runs away giggling
Comment from : Sir Taylor

Sky High
Americans are crazy
Comment from : Sky High

Stephen Thomson
You should set them free moron!!
Comment from : Stephen Thomson

Carl must have a meat guy.
Comment from : Crispy

Holy hell, Samson is massive.
Comment from : Crispy

Anuroop Sahu
3:02 that was jst a start...
Wait for it...

Comment from : Anuroop Sahu

Luthfi Misbahudin
Very big cat
Comment from : Luthfi Misbahudin

If I EVER had to choose a wild big cat to live with, it would be a couger, at least with those you have a chance of surviving if you put up a fight, not going to happen with a lion or tiger.
Comment from : DrewPicklesTheDark

Tiger: "No, I live with my emergency meals"
Comment from : deathtoy101

HoLi Playz
“Robber breaks in house “

Robber sees a tiger : Ummm imma just head out *sweat dripping *


Comment from : HoLi Playz

I love the dogs just idly watching all the meat.

Oh and the cat that snuck some.

Comment from : MrSkillns

sweet dreams
Wow I hope this mans life continues to be safe lol
Comment from : sweet dreams

My cat hiss at me

Me: almost piss my pants

Can't imagine what would happen

Comment from : kathistyping

Lester Walit
Title shoud be 8 Human enthusiasts owns 1 human.
Comment from : Lester Walit

No buddy, the nature is still big enough for them to live in it. You making money out of it that's all. These cats deserve freedom, but it's too late now, they would not be able to survive in the wild now. Basically prisoners for life.
Comment from : MarkoTiano

Adam B
God created them with killer instinct. U cnt change that. Sooner or later someone will get hurt. And that tiger is big as fuk. 0 chance survival there.
Comment from : Adam B

Stupidity exists.
Comment from : Radrook

Alvaro Wilson
This male tiger is nearly 7 foot tall standing up
Comment from : Alvaro Wilson

I hope he stays safe and gives those big cats the love and attention they deserve
Comment from : Awesome

1:02.........That tiger is bigger than Shaq and Yao Ming 😱
Comment from : uthamanj

Rajiv Rahman
this Big Siberian tiger named Samson died of cancer in 2016
Comment from : Rajiv Rahman

colin mucha
They understand the feeding hand
Comment from : colin mucha

“I never give them a free shot at my neck” ? Lol they will take it if they ever want to, you won’t have a choice. Lucky that they’re docile and domesticated for him.
Comment from : HendrixRipoff

Shafiq Ahmed
size of the tiger
Comment from : Shafiq Ahmed

Big deadly Cats
Comment from : L T

That tiger is bigger than a grizzly
Comment from : TeslatrooperC&C

Pokemonitis Here
3:00 look at the Tiger's head. It's huge!!
Comment from : Pokemonitis Here

Teemu Käikelsvitch
I understand Pet bears, but i would never trust a cat
Comment from : Teemu Käikelsvitch

Armin Barootian
Pff they are not huge
My Ding dong

Comment from : Armin Barootian

Curtis Maize
Was expecting to read a bunch of comments saying RIP now that the vids 6 years old
Comment from : Curtis Maize

These animals are beautiful and are like motorcycles, you only get like 1 mistake with them.
Comment from : apb38

Super-symmetry Gaming
inside this big Cat...is just a Cat...hehe
Comment from : Super-symmetry Gaming

It'd be interesting if the guy ended up getting a liger
Comment from : RadiatedSheep

Lou V44
At least the animals in captivity get happy loving safe homes!! And if it makes a young visitor one who helps in the future it’s a win for the species
Comment from : Lou V44

Lou V44
People like you who helps these awesome majestic animals are awesome! Wish there was more like you! And I truly wish you and your animals long happy lives. If I ever hit the lotto I will help many like you!!
Comment from : Lou V44

terrence samps
He said death would be the worst outcome. Lmao i think so too cause there's no other outcome after death lol
Comment from : terrence samps

captain monkey fart
As much as i love everything about this man and these animals, i cant not think about how many times my house cat has tried to hunt me in my own house, and shredded my legs up, and thinking what if that was a tiger? I'd be dead.
Comment from : captain monkey fart

Nick S
Robber : enters the house
5 min later : Robber has disconnected from the server

Comment from : Nick S

frank hinstine
Accidentally tread on a paw or tail and it'll rip your head off, you've been warned pal..
Comment from : frank hinstine

Daniel Hornek
Would love to visit this place with my children somebody knows the location or address ?
Comment from : Daniel Hornek

Mueller M
whre do belongs this animals ? dont play do thomething so that there live in freedom.thanks human. be with you.
Comment from : Mueller M

If Eve didn't take that apple, I would be hugging dat thicccc cat
Comment from : Iqbalw

I. Bendigas
2:58 Baby gets the bottle - soo cute! They are fluffy toddlers who play with their daddy:-)
Comment from : I. Bendigas

Ethan Zafra
Tigers are REALLY tough
Comment from : Ethan Zafra

Raymond Sumpter
I just wonder how he affords 1500 pounds of meat a week.
Comment from : Raymond Sumpter

Moraco Mole
I'm a cat person and all but this is ridiculous.
Comment from : Moraco Mole

Tadas Blindavicius
I feel sorry 4 that.
Comment from : Tadas Blindavicius

Saima Parween
Its very daring to have these as a pet!
Its Amazing

Comment from : Saima Parween

stonks drinks clorox
Imagine there wrestling and a lion gets tired of him so they just maul him
But still, great video

Comment from : stonks drinks clorox

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